Ability Tuesday-Tracking

Tracking is a the signature Ranger ability which allows a character to follow the trail of a quarry given signs of passage it leaves behind.  In Mind Weave, the tracking process is expressed in an hourly check to determine if the tracker has kept the trail.  The chance of success in this check is modified by a number of factors including miles of terrain traveled, feet of water crossed, height of cliffs passed, days behind the quarry, hours of precipitation since the quarry passed, and the number of people being pursued.  Depending on the tracker’s level in Tracking these modifiers have more or less effect.  For example, a high level tracker may be able to completely disregard land distance and benefit more of multiple people in the pursued party, but still have to worry about rain, time, and rivers, though to a lesser degree than a lesser tracker would.

Tracking is inherent to the Ranger class, but other classes can get it as a cross-class or backstory ability from the Master Weaver, given some sort of training in tracking in character.  It is a major ability

Is tracking an ability you would find useful? In what situations? Comment below to let us know.

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