Enchantment Rules-The Enchanter’s Almanack

Richard Hunt and I had some lengthy discussions this week working out the enchantment rules in the Enchanter’s Almanack, and we think we have them at a point where they work really well.  Mind you, if we find that they’re not balanced some of the scale factors may need to change, or enchant power might need to be scaled up or down as a whole as we try to integrate it into the rest of the system.

The whole style thing and scaling powers really makes me think of “Genius, the Transgression” and its wonder system.  I guess I did get something out of trying to play that game, despite the horrible imbalance.

If enchantment interests you, check out the Enchanter’s Alamanack.  It’s still kind of rough around the edges, and we’re working on examples.  If you have examples you want to suggest, design, or just would like to see, let us know in the comments below.

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