Character Thursday-Hilden Delinshin (Gnome Magic-User)

HildenHilden Delinshin-Gnome Magic-User

Strength: 11, Constitution: 16, Dexterity: 16,

Wisdom: 14, Intelligence: 21, Charisma: 10


Hilden was a promising student in the gnome mage academy. He was even fairly popular among the other gnomes. All the same, he was unhappy with his situation. He fought often with others and believed that he was better than the heads of the academy recognized. Despite his promise as a student, Hilden eventually wandered from among the gnomes and went to the surface.

His surface life was not as exciting as he expected. Despite his talents he found himself taking odd jobs he considered beneath his talents as a mage. Before long he became frustrated with his lack of progress and became desperate to find more. He was willing to sign up for anything that would challenge him.

Since he is a magic-user, a large part of Hilden’s character is the component choices I make.  In this case, I’ve decided that most of Hilden’s academy training was in utility magic (earth, light and order), I also avoid as much as possible the left hand, hence using light indirect instead of chaos indirect.  His fingers are still suited for combat with fire, wind indirect, and light indirect.


Arcs are a little more flexible, though in keeping with the utility focus of Hilden has advanced mastery of the Des arc and the Dain radius, Ku and Ful are useful and close to Des and Dain and therefore logical choices.  This adds a lot of combat options for Hilden including sound, lightening, and fire.


For words I have a lot of options, but I choose those that are most suited for combat and utility, especially ki(destroy) and ko(wound), which allow my light and sound to be able either temporarily or permanently blind.  Re(create) is an obvious choice for both light and earth creation (and fire in a pinch).  The forms are the most commonly paired with ki, ko and re.


These element choices fit well with Hilden’s backstory, but during his first level Hilden may be somewhat hampered in combat.  His high intelligence and dexterity help to compensate for this, allowing him fast spells and plenty of spell points.  In another level he can take a number of useful components to round him out for combat, including loa (storm).

Hilden is a misfit character and is arrogant enough that he is likely to clash in personality with other members of the party.  As long as the other players can handle in character conflict without frustration out of character, he may be a fun member of the party as he considers himself the strongest part member and vies for leadership.

Have requests for a character build?  Let us know below.  Maybe we’ll make your character next Thursday.

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