Wednesday Words-Armor Value and Weapon Weight

Armor Value-Typical armor has three armor values: blunt, puncture, and cut, each defending against that specific type of damage.  The damage reduction percentage is derived from armor value using the equation

Damage Reduction = 100*(AV/(12+AV))%

where AV is the armor value.  A couple demonstrative examples of common armor types are plate mail with armor values B:8(40%),P:6(33.3%),C:36(75%) and leather with armor values B:1(7.69%),P:3(20%),C:6(33.3%).  Armor values can also be applied to magic protection, fire protection, cold protection, etc. generally produced through buffing magic.

Weapon Weight-Weapons have an actual weight associated with them that is used for fatigue, but the Weapon Weight value represents the weight with which the weapon strikes and is generally a value between 1 and 5 (Very Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Very Heavy).  This value is used to determine the effectiveness of parries (along with to-hit values and strength), with light weapons reducing damage from parried blows less than heavy weapons and heavy weapons more likely to off-balance the parried foe.  Weapon weight also governs how much damage blocked by armor is transferred on to the next layer of armor as blunt damage.  This means that while plate mail seriously reduces damage from cutting weapons, a Very Heavy Two-Handed Sword is heavy enough that 70% of the 75% blocked damage still transfers through the armor as blunt damage, motivating those wearing plate mail to wear padded armor underneath to absorb transferred blunt damage.

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