Ability Tuesday-Divine Blow

Divine Blow is a major ability that empowers a weapon in much the same way as the blessing of a deity empowers a weapon.  However, while Bless empowers the weapon with minor bonuses for 24 hours, Divine Blow provides an incredible level of power for a single attack.  At the cost of SP, the attack gains significant damage in the deity’s element.  For example, a deity with a blessing of +3 fire damage would give a worshiper with Divine Blow II 30 fire damage.

DivineBlowThe completely non-random and reliable form of the damage makes Divine Blow a analogy for the contrast between magic’s inherent randomness and divinity’s stability.  The divine blow directly represents the deity, so a chaotic fire deity might instead of giving +3 fire damage in a blessing give 1d6 fire damage, the divine blow therefore being random as well.

Divine Blow can be learned inherently by Clerics, Paladins, and Priests.  Most deities associated with combat or powers will also provide Divine Blow as an ability for their fanatics.

Do you like idea of a character that channels power from her deity? Comment below to tell us what kind of deity interests you.

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