Progress Update-Life is Busy

This week was busier than expected as I tried to wipe out finals and cope with a flat tire.  I know I said this last week, but this time I really do have plenty of time this week to get items coded up and finally get back on schedule.  I’m well on track to having the parameters for my list of basic items written out.  Once that’s done it won’t be hard to code the rest of the item page.  The other thing I’m close to having figured out is how to allow a variety of enchantments that are balanced despite being as variable as the magic system and able to be created by dynamically by players and Master Weavers.

I intend to put in a lot of time this week not only catching up on items, but also making some cosmetic and thematic advances.  This week should put me back into subject matter exciting enough for me to plow ahead again.  Never fear, with Summer here, I can start getting in almost 20 hours a week.

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