Wednesday Words-Ability and Skill

Ability-With over 100 abilities, Mind Weave provides plenty of options for players to make their characters unique.  Different combinations can shape a character in any number of ways.  Abilities come in two categories: Major Abilities which directly impact the character’s effectiveness in serious way, especially in combat, and Minor Abilities which serve more to define a character’s personality and aesthetic with predominantly out of combat effects.  Most characters will gain at least one Major and Minor ability level each level.  (For information about specific abilities, see the Player Guide or watch for examples on Tuesdays.)

Skill-Eight very broad skills define the general performance of the character in a number of areas.  Agility effects movement speed, combat speed, and casting speed.  Diplomacy effects a number of Charisma using abilities that involve conversation.  Perception effects perception checks used for abilities like find hidden, see sign, and for general ability to notice things.  Riding provides bonuses when mounted that improve performance in all mounted actions.  Second Hand improves performance with the second hand for attacking, parrying, and casting.  Stealth improves performance in all stealthy activities.  Weapon Skill improves accuracy and damage with all weapons whether attacking or parrying.  And Will improves resistance to mind effecting magic, reduces the Probability of Resignation, and effects other abilities where will is key.  Most characters will take a Skill level each level.

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