Monster Monday-Wraith

A Necromancer creates a Wraith,

A Necromancer creates a Wraith,

Health Points: 4*level

Spell Points: 20*level (recover 10*level/hour)

Attack: 1d8 (energy drain)

Special Attack: 1d12 death pulse 10’ range 40 sp cost (2.5 wisdom multiplier)

Special Defense: Incorporeal, not harmed by normal physical attack

Dexterity: 12

Strength: Incorporeal

Speed: 24 (8 passing through objects).

Armor: – – –

Description: Magic-users who are animated revive the magical energy that they used in life.  It tears their body apart and they become a wraith.  Capable of passing through walls and immune to physical attack, they can be a serious threat to the unprepared.

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