3 Tips to Produce 9001 Lines of Working Code

Since I recently reached a point in coding Mind Weave where all the code I’ve written is finally integrated into one interactive whole, I decided to total how many lines I had written.  I’ve rarely counted lines before, and never in web design, so for the sake of consistency, I’m counting CSS, php, html, and javascript in this total, and only code I wrote, not supporting functions I found online.

9,184 lines!  It’s over 9000!  I can hardly believe I’ve written so much.  But what is the key to writing more than 9000 lines of working code?  In a moment of retrospect, I’ve formulated 3 tips for amateur programmers that got me this far, and haven’t stopped working yet.

1. Just Code


A page I was once proud of.


I thought this menu I coded was sweet!


How far I’ve come, that’s gorgeous!

You can spend years studying a language to learn its intricacies, but you won’t have any code down, and you still won’t hardly know how to use the language.  This project has been my first time working with php, and as time has gone on, I’ve learned php enough to produce complex working functions, as can be seen in the pages I’ve shown.  By the same token, this project has greatly improved my html, javascript, and css coding, and even my eye for design.  Take a look at some of my early web pages, and you can see how much just coding has improved my ability to code and design.





2. Ask for Help

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, though.  Often problems come up that can be really frustrating, even more often when you have little experience with the language or library you are using.  Sometimes you can push hard and work through these problems on your own.  Other times it can be such a road block you stop coding altogether.  Don’t let this happen.  Before you become discouraged, find someone you can ask for help with the language or library.  If you don’t know anyone who can help, there are plenty of friendly people on the internet who can help.  As long as it’s clear you’ve tried, the members of Stack Overflow are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

3. Skip Things

Other problems come up that are so difficult you can’t even think of a way to articulate them to ask a question.  Or maybe you need more time to plan it out.  As long as these aspects aren’t necessary to the functionality of the part your working on, you can ignore them for a while.  Your goal is to make a final product eventually, but that doesn’t mean each step needs to be pristine as you go.  You can skip things that suck your gumption away and wait until you are more experienced, more energized, or have had more time to think about it before going back.


Player Page with PHP

For me, this was learning php.  As I started coding Mind Weave, I didn’t know php and I didn’t have the chutzpah to learn it at the time, so I started with html, css, and javascript and designed the player page, just to get myself excited.  It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago I reached the point in the code when the site was ready for it, but when I did, it was a simple matter to insert the php into that page.  It would have taken weeks if it had been my first php endeavor.  Doing it this way, I got the experience I needed and was able to design the database a little at a time before calling on it wholesale to fill that page.  It also helped that with the site coming along nicely, I was highly energized to get it done.

So those are my humble tips, from one amateur programmer to another.  Happy coding!

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3 Responses to 3 Tips to Produce 9001 Lines of Working Code

  1. gregxavier says:

    Great tips. I struggle with the ‘asking for help’ one, primarily because I’m too impatient to post on forums requesting help. I live in a pretty small town so there are limited resources nearby and I have no close friends that use Unity so I have no-one I can just chat to about it. It’s a shame, because I would really like that and I think it would be very valuable.

    Very interesting looking project you are working on too. I’ve been a keen role-player for going on 28 years.

    • jameseck says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I often hate having to wait for forum replies as well, but lots of times the act of writing up the question gives me the solution.

      The project is a game I would like to have if nothing else. It’s a worthwhile hobby.

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