Wednesday Words-Charisma and Spell Points

Charisma-An indication of the character’s presence and ability to interact with people.  Most of its effect is at the discretion of the Master Weaver, but it has a concrete effect on many abilities, including Control and Speak to Animals and Plants, Emulate, Facade, Gather Followers, Inquire, Lie, Persuade, Summon Demon/Devil, and Summon Elemental.

Charisma mainly effects the general reaction of NPCs to the character and should be taken into account by the Master Weaver. Charisma is often neglected by combat-oriented characters because it has so few applications in a combat setting.  Nevertheless, since many of Mind Weave’s conflicts occur between intelligent humanoids, the ability to negotiate should not be so easily discredited.

Charisma is most important to Bards, who focus on social interactions, but is also useful to Paladins, Priests, Clerics, and Druids, who often fill leadership roles.

Spell Points-Magical energy generated and stored by the consciousness of living beings. Spell points are vital to spell casters, but can also be used for certain abilities and especially minion users.  A character’s spell point capacity is (4*Intelligence+2*Wisdom)*Level and a character recovers Level*(Wisdom/2+Intelligence/5) SP per hour.

Casting spells is the primary use of spell points (hence the name), but there are numerous other abilities that can use spell points, including Sunder, Soften Fall, Turn, Divine Blow, Bless, Animate Dead, Double Jump, Natural Weapon, Create Facsimile, Rapid Growth, and Summon Elemental.

Some abilities require spell points to be bound in order to maintain their effect.  These spell points cannot be used, but can be recovered by releasing the binding.

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