Character Thursday-Fredrick Hymun(Human Musician)

ScreenshotFredrick Hymun-Human Musician

Strength: 11, Constitution: 12, Dexterity: 15,

Wisdom: 13, Intelligence: 15, Charisma: 18


Fredrick grew up a street urchin. For a while he was merely a pickpocket, but he eventually learned performing arts and became a street performer. It wasn’t long after that he was able to join a troupe of troubadours and actors.

The troupe changed its name often, but among themselves the troupe called itself the Left and Right Hand. Their operation was for performers to alternate keeping the crowd’s attention and picking the pockets of the distracted masses.

They would sometimes get caught when people realized their valuable were missing before they could leave town. In these cases the troupe would single out someone to take the fall: usually the least skilled or the newest.

Fredrick was happy with the arrangement, until one day he realized the evidence of the robberies was being pinned on him. He reacted immediately, fleeing the town and looking for a new career.

Fredrick will be a hard player to play initially.  As a pre-tier class, he starts with only his human bonus abilities, for which I have not chosen combative abilities.  Because of his pre-tier status, he will be able to advance very quickly until he reaches bard, at which point he will become a strong part of the party.  Even then, though, his skills will be primarily utility in nature.

As a pre-tier character, Fredrick depends a lot on the Master Weaver to give him good abilities for his backstory and when he levels.  To that extent it is necessary for him to roleplay for the abilities he wants.  In the backstory I fish for disguise, pick pocket, diplomacy, play instrument/sing, and other such abilities that would have helped him in his troupe. but to stay current in the party, Fredrick is going to need to seek out abilities from the Master Weaver each level.  It will take him several levels to reach Bard.

His backstory brings a fair amount of baggage with Fredrick, as the law may remember him if the Master Weaver desires.   It also means he will be very keen to fit into the group, making him fun to roleplay as he sucks up to each other member of the party.

Have requests for a character build?  Let us know below.  Maybe we’ll make your character next Thursday.

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3 Responses to Character Thursday-Fredrick Hymun(Human Musician)

  1. nicholeck says:

    This is such an interesting character! A little hard to play, like you said, but he could easily be the main character of a novel or something.

    I have a question though:
    How exactly are “pre-tier” classes different from regular tier classes? Can they advance more quickly? Do they get extra bonuses? Why does it make them depend more on the Master Weaver?

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