Wednesday Words-Intelligence and Hit Points

Intelligence-Intelligence measures the character’s mental capacity.  Points in intelligence increase the character’s total spell points by 4*level per point of intelligence(twice as effective as wisdom).  Intelligence is also a factor for spell point recovery, each point of intelligence recovering level/5 per hour(2/5  as effective as wisdom).

Intelligence is important for all casters, but especially for those who desire access to large amounts of instantaneous power or who will be binding spell points to undead or facsimiles, like magic-users, illusionists, necromancers, and battle mages.  Because intelligence is a factor for common utility abilities, like Understand Artifact and Arcane Knowledge, it can be useful for any class.  It also applies to a number of stealth or precision abilities, like Sunder, Backstab, Sneak Strike, and Trap, making it important to thieves, rogues, assassins, and some styles of fighters.

Hit Points-A basic statistic expressing the character’s ability to take physical abuse.  A character’s hit points (whether a Player Character or a Non-Player Character) is Constitution*(1+Level)/2.  Thus characters with greater Constitution, as well as of higher level, are more vital and able to withstand attacks.

Hit Points are recovered normally at a rate of HP/200 per hour.  Thus, without medical assistance from Tend Wounds or magical interference, a character reduced to nearly 0 HP will take over a week to fully recover.  Hence, hit points are hardly expendable in Mind Weave.

A character is unconscious when reduced to 0 or less hit points, but does not die unless reduced below -10.

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