Ability Tuesday-Meditation

Meditation is the ability that primarily expresses the Monk class.  While other classes can only get this ability from the Master Weaver, it is automatic to monks and represents what the monk is about.  Whether used for its mechanical benefits or for the opportunity for the character to calm himself, it allows the monk a unique form of in game expression.

Meditation is a minor ability, and so does not have great immediate benefits at low levels.  However, a character who invests seriously in Meditation can reap great benefits from it when used well.  Its proper use pushes the character to pace his fighting in a manner reminiscent of the calm, sleeping dragon who can lash out the moment disturbed before withdrawing again to relaxation.

While meditating, a character recovers both hit points and spell points at a rate(above normal healing and recovery) of Wisdom*MeditationLevel/20 per hour.  Additionally, for a short period after meditation determined by the length of meditation and the character’s level in meditation the character gains bonuses of +2 to both ‘to hit’ and total damage due to increases focus.

Does the stop and go combat style of a meditating monk appeal to you?  Comment below to let us know.

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