Character Thursday-Dimon Malig(Human Monk)

DimonMaligDimon Malig-Human Monk

Strength: 8, Constitution: 15, Dexterity: 16,

Wisdom: 14, Intelligence: 11, Charisma: 15


Dimon is something of a shifty character.  He’s tried and fails in number of careers.  As a young boy he was apprenticed to a blacksmith.  He quickly grew tired of that and made himself an assistant to a magical item assayer.  After a number of destructive incidents culminating in a large city fire, Dimon fled to where he wouldn’t be recognized.  To keep a low profile, he tried his hand as a hired sword, but it was too dangerous and didn’t pay well.  He began to envy the merchants he guarded and made an attempt to begin to trade himself.  He did quite well, for a little while, but when he refused to pay the thieves guild’s protection fees, his stores were destroyed.  The local authorities did nothing to help.

Disillusioned once again, Dimon approached an order of monks and sought to join him.  Organizationally, he did well, and the skills of a monk seemed to suit him.  It was a lifestyle he enjoyed for over a year.  Eventually, though, he was expelled from the order on account of his avarice, repeatedly violating his vows of poverty in his pursuit of wealth.

Disappointed, he set out on his own again, looking for another organization to join.  As with his other professions, this one had taught him much.  With bandit gold in his purse, Dimon thanked the order’s deity for the skills the monks had taught him that allowed him to defend himself from highway robbers.

Dimon’s backstory is that of the Jack of all Trades.  While his class and his attributes make him fairly well suited for combat, I am fishing for utility abilities, like Haggle, Understand Artifact, and Sense Magic.  His time as a body guard might merit some combat abilities from a generous Master Weaver, maybe Body Shield.

Dimon will be interesting to play because he comes with a lot of baggage from people he’s slighted in the past.  He will also have inner conflict as he seeks the approval of the other party members and to satisfy his own greed.  His need for companionship and his refusal to profit through illegal means makes him slightly lawful, but he is neutral in terms of good and evil.

Dimon’s place in the party will be primarily companionship and in providing an interesting narrative.  Mechanically, he is not particularly valuable, but can work as a front line fighter and as a utility character as far as sensing and understanding magic.  His meditation makes him intermittently very effective, though, given preparation time.

Have requests for a character build?  Let us know below.  Maybe we’ll make your character next Thursday.

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