Ability Tuesday-Animal Form

WolfFormAnimal Form is one of the signature Druid abilities, especially for an animal focused Druid.  Animal Forms come in all shapes and sizes and can be valuable tools, combat strategies, methods of travel, disguises, or even just expressions of the character’s personality.

Animal Form is not an easy ability to learn and the druid must learn it for a single animal at a time.  The animal which the Druid wishes to turn into must have been observed with some closeness in the past.  The Master Weaver has ultimate discretion over the validity of any given animal form.

The amount of time a Druid can spend in a given animal form each day is a function of his level in that animal form and the difference in weight between the animal and the druid.  The nearer the weight of the animal is to the Druid, the longer he can keep that form, while animals much larger or smaller than him can be maintained for only a short time.  Any equipment the Druid has with him that will be part of the animal form also counts toward the Druid’s weight.

Only Druids can natively learn animal form.  It is generally rare as a cross-class ability.

What would your animal form be and what would you use it for?  Questions about how long it would last?  Comment below to let us know.

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