Wednesday Words-Dexterity and To-Hit

Dexterity-Dexterity is a measure of the character’s physical control.  It governs the character’s ability to hit targets with melee and ranged attacks.  A character with higher dexterity can succeed at more complicated maneuvers, giving him more attack options.  Dexterity is used for a multiplier to the To-Hit roll: (3d6)*(1+dex/10).  It also effects how quickly a caster can change his finger position, 5/dexterity seconds per change.

Dexterity is most important for precision fighters, like thieves, who need it for effective parries and to pick pockets and locks, and monks.  It is also important for combative casters who are under pressure to cast quickly and for melee combatants who need to beat the enemy’s parries to deal damage.  Ranged combatants need only enough dexterity to make a successful hit, since enemies will be dodging rather than parrying, but high dexterity can help increase their critical hit rate, as well as their ability to hit long shots and called shots.

To-Hit-This value is derived from a roll of 3d6 and is associated with individual attacks and parries.  The base To-Hit value is 3d6*(1+Dexterity/10) in most cases, but for the sake of spell casting is evaluated as 3d6*(1+Wisdom/10).  To this base To-Hit value are added any To-Hit penalties and bonuses from conditions, skills, and abilities.  When attacking, a To-Hit of 20 is sufficient to hit successfully and a To-Hit of 40 is sufficient for a critical hit(dealing double damage).  A successful parry’s To-Hit must exceed that of the attacking To-Hit to block successfully.  Attacks and Parries with To-Hit below 10 are fumbles and deal damage to the fumbler equal to WeaponDamage*Strength/10*(1-To-Hit/10).

The To-Hit value is also used for picking pockets and locks, disarming enemies, disarming traps, and similar endeavors.

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