Ability Tuesday-Backstab

Backstab is the ability for characters who prefer to strike against the unwary and from behind.  It allows the attacker to use instead of strength/10 for the damage multiplier intelligence/10+dexterity/10.  It is not effective against those  unbound and aware enough of the attacker’s presence to react in any way to the attack, including thrashing, ducking, or rolling.  It is also ineffective if the attacker is unfamiliar with the anatomy of the creature or if the creature does not have an anatomy that provides weak points.

Levels in Backstab increase the chances of a successful hit(and coincidentally a successful critical hit).  They also provide a bonus to damage done to the target.

It is learned by Thieves and Assassins, both high dexterity and high intelligence characters with stealth skills.

Are you the type who would play a stealthy, backstabbing character?  What other traits might your character have to compliment this ability.

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