Monster Monday-Skeleton

SkeletonHealth Points: 6*level
Spell Points: None
Attack: By Weapon
Special Attack: None
Special Defense: Immune to energy attack
Dexterity: 12(no off hand penalty)
Strength: 12
Speed: 20
Armor: 0 18 8
Description: Skeletons become part of a necromancer’s force when local militaries make an attempt to fend him off.  The fighters they send will become skeletons, a fairly specialized unit of the force that is fairly resistant to common magical attacks and more skilled than zombies.  Skeletons can come in many sizes.  When a skeleton is made of any fighter over level 10, it has four arms and will often wield a weapon in each.

Skeletons are created when Animate Dead is exercised on a humanoid fighter or soldier(fighter acolyte).  Most military men fall into this category and they therefore make up a large part of an advanced necromancer army of undead.

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