Character Thursday-Diliyan Ironelm(Elf Cleric)

DiliyanDiliyan Ironelm-Elf Cleric

Strength: 7, Constitution: 13, Dexterity: 9,

Wisdom: 17, Intelligence: 17, Charisma: 11


Diliyan’s portly form is to be expected from his years of stagnant study. For a century, Diliyan, disciple of the Mother Goddess: Gaia, was content to serve in the Sanctum of Life in the elven capital. He relished the knowledge he was able to obtain as a keeper of the library. His interest in the facts and lore of the world, and in the collected artifacts, was plenty to entertain him there.

But one day his life took a turn. Gaia called to him in a dream, and when he recounted the dream to the High Priest of the Sanctum, his duty was clear. He would set out to represent her in the conflict against evil.

Despite all his prayers and his labors, he had never expected to so find her favor. After a century of praying on behalf of Gaia’s ensigns, he would now be one of them. He equipped himself according to the tradition of the Sanctum’s ensign and set forth.

Diliyan is going to be a character that depends heavily on divine favor for his power.  In the backstory I’m looking for abilities like Prayer, Pray on Behalf, Arcane Knowledge, and Understand Artifact, maybe Eidetic Memory.  The dependence on divine favor will make role-playing interesting, but will also limit my options as I have to act within the laws of my deity to maintain that power.  Hence my choice of spell components:

DiliyanArmsMy choice in arms directly corresponds to a good deity of nature: advanced nature mastery(Neta), and basic mastery of earth and water(Ya and Vi).

DiliyanHandsMy fingers are even more hampered by my choice in deity.  With only four fingers, I spend two on a life finger because Diliyan worships the goddess of life.  The others are limited to natural forces, I choose wind and water, for weather manipulation.

DiliyanWordsWith words I have more freedom.  I choose De(healing) to exploit the life finger I already have.  Re(create) should come in handy to create storms, gusts, water, stone walls, etc.  I also choose Loa(storm) because advanced nature mastery’s primary power is in weather manipulation.  As far as combat goes, that’s where my cards are.  Juo(encharge) seems like a good choice because with Ya(earth arc) and the wind finger, I can use it to give allies stone skin or haste, which are valuable enhancements.

Diliyan can be an extremely fun character to play, if I remind the Master Weaver of the favor of my deity and make an effort to maintain that favor with my actions.  If I do, Pray and Pray on Behalf can be major benefits to the party.  As an elf, he gets inherent benefits to the attributes most vital to his class(in this case wisdom and intelligence), but this comes with penalties to the least vital(strength and dexterity).  This will make him a powerful caster, but also a slow one.  His high intelligence also means he knows two additional languages after elvish.

Have requests for a character build?  Let us know below.  Maybe we’ll make your character next Thursday.

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