Saturday Spell-Fire Trap

FireTrapThis 16 DoP(Dice of Power) spell is an encharge, presumably on something roughly man sized to allow the use of the “on” power syllable, like a large chest, a door, or a large stone.  The spell, when triggered, creates a burst of fire that can be shaped if the caster has advanced Dain mastery.  Shaping the blast does not effect the damage, but could avoid damaging things inside a room on a given side of a door.  At the epicenter of blast, the fire deals 20d6+8d3+4 damage (Minimum: 32, Average: 90, Maximum: 148).  Damage values near the average are much more likely than the extremes with a near normal distribution.

The chaos indirect fingers allow the spell to deal damage over a larger area than only at the origin of the blast.  With two double power chaos indirect fingers, the spell will deal 70% at 3 feet, 50% damage at 9 feet, 25% damage at 18 feet, and 10% at 30 feet.  This makes it an ideal spell for groups that might gather near a door.

The optional “detect” syllable allows the spell to have a specific trigger, like “when the door is opened.”  Without it, the door would have to be opened somewhat forcefully to trigger the spell, a careful door opener could avoid it.

The spell would cost 184 or 192 sp.  It has 8 finger changes, 6 arcs and radii, and 5 or 6 syllables.  With no agility and 15 dexterity this is a 8.67 second spell for a left handed character.  The spell lasts 6 hours as is, though some power could be sacrificed for more time.  Ideally, because of the long casting time, the spell would be cast out of combat, but it is a powerful way to prepare for an enemy if the enemy is more than 8 seconds from the area to be trapped.

Dain (occult radius): fire, chaos(indirect)

Ful (fire arc): fire(half)

Ful (fire arc):  fire, chaos(indirect)

Ful (fire arc): fire(half)

Ful (fire arc): fire

Dain (occult radius):

Saying “on(x2 power and cost), ki(destroy), ba(empower object), jai(discharge), juo(encharge), [liu(detect)-optional]”

Any spells you would like to see implemented in the Mind Weave spell system?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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