Wednesday Words-Strength and Elemental Spirits

Strength-The measure of a character’s overall muscular power, the Strength*10 indicates the weight in pounds a character can deadlift, then clean and press, then place on his shoulders, then squat ten times, then lift and put down softly.  Points in strength increase the damage, carrying capacity, and grappling strength of a character.  Points also increase the weight of the character in a manner depending on fatness and constitution.

Strength is most important to Brawlers and Fighters, but low strength can result in characters being slower and tiring faster due to encumbrance.


Elemental Spirits-The arcs of the arcane circle (pictured) call upon elemental spirits for spells.  The six elemental spirits are Ful(fire), Oh(wind), Zo(negativity), Vi(water), Ya(earth), and Des(positivity), clockwise from the upper left arc.  Casters master arcs on an individual basis and can master them at the basic level or at an advanced level.  Using arcs where a caster lacks mastery is dangerous and is likely to have a negative rather than a positive effect on the spell.

Arcs used in a spell contribute 1 DoP of power in the element, but the spirit also adds a measure of control.  This level of control depends on mastery of the arc.  For example, using the Ful arc without mastery gives the spell a chance of randomly effecting a different target than that intended.  With basic mastery it would allow the caster to bend the fire into basic forms, like those native to fire and symmetric, regular geometries.  With advanced mastery more complex forms can be given to the fire, like walls, swords, tentacles, or even beasts of fire.

Other arcs have a similar progression of mastery, including lightning and sound for advanced Des mastery or ice and anti-sound for advanced Zo mastery.

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