Character Thursday-Myra Strolla(Human Druid)

MyraMyra Strolla-Human Druid

Strength: 9, Constitution: 18, Dexterity: 20,

Wisdom: 8, Intelligence: 16, Charisma: 10


When still a teenager, Myra found herself embroiled in the “Great War.” She was impressed into service first as a healer, but then later as a scout and tracker when her side became desperate for men. It wasn’t long after that that her government surrendered.

But Myra was smart, she got out before the stubborn army’s last stand. She insinuated herself into the civilian population and was soon up for hire to military and merchant travelers as a guide in the surrounding forests.  She learned the way of the woods, befriending a fox and gaining the ability to imitate its form.

She remained something of an outcast, having abandoned her own army and being looked down upon by the occupying force. She kept an eye out for opportunities to ascend in the new society. Perhaps her chance has finally come.

Myra is planned largely around her Animal Form(Fox) ability.  Her strength is low and constitution high, giving her a very low weight(98 lbs), which allows her to maintain a small animal form like fox for a long time.  With her loyal animal companion as a fox as well, she should be able to disappear in wooded areas and even small towns at will.

Myra is also within 5 levels of becoming a ranger.  In her backstory I imply this character arc and fish for abilities that help in tracking, like Direction Sense and See Sign.  I also fish for Tend Wounds and perhaps Disguise.  With a little help from the Master Weaver, as sacrificing other pursuits, she could be a ranger in 3 levels.

Have requests for a character build?  Let us know below.  Maybe we’ll make your character next Thursday.

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