Ability Tuesday-Sunder

Sunder is a minor ability that expresses a character’s proficiency at breaking things.  While any character can choose to attack a wall, a table, or even an enemy’s weapons or armor, Sunder makes such attacks significantly more effective.

A character who possesses Sunder employs instead of Stength/10 as his damage multiplier a multiplier that employs Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, and his level in Sunder.  The Hardness that normally protects objects against damage is also largely negated based on the Hardness of the object the sunderer is using.

At higher levels of Sunder, the character can channel magical energy to further damage objects.

Sunder can be obtained by brawlers, fighters, monks, and berserkers.

If you have any ideas for when Sunder would be useful, or backstory elements that could justify Sunder as a Backstory Ability, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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