Monster Monday-Specter


Health Points: 2d8
Spell Points: None
Attack: 2d4 (claws) 1d8 (bite)
Special Attack: Life drain, does 4hp damage, heals 2 hp, 2 second action
Special Defense: Slightly Incorporeal, physical attacks do half damage.
Dexterity: 12
Strength: 10
Speed: 28
Armor: – – –
Description: Not unlike ghosts, specters come into existence in lonely and destitute places, though they need not be as lonely as the places ghosts inhabit, sometimes forming in unused wings of large mansions and castles.  They, unlike ghosts, have some physical form, being formed from bodies that were left rotting and never disposed of.  Thus, being half physical, half energy, they drift about, seeking to steal the life from the living.  Not as chaotic as ghosts, they are instead forlorn and sometimes work in groups to ambush likely prey.
A spectre can be brought under a necromancer’s control for 25 sp maintenance.

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