Saturday Spell-Noxious Fog

This 27 DoP(Dice of Power) spell creates a nauseating fog, centered 24 feet from the caster.  The fog is composed of 3d6 cubic feet of water vapor, thickest at the center and spread to 6% density 24 feet from the center.  The thickest central fog bears (6d6+6d3+3)/2 damage.  The fog lasts 4d6 rounds, the first turn the fog deals full damage and the damage reduces linearly to zero on the last turn of its duration.  Those whose health is reduced below zero are only knocked unconscious and not killed, due to the ko(wound) syllable.

The density of the fog will reduce visibility some.  The form of fog it takes allows the caster of the spell or another mage to either shift or disperse the fog using basic wind spells.

The spell would cost 136 sp.  It has 15 finger changes, 5 arcs and radii, and 3 syllables.  With no agility and 15 dexterity this is a 10 second spell for a left handed character.  At 5 turns, it is a difficult spell to cast in combat, but is good for ambushing and area control in large battles.

Neta (nature radius): death, wind(indirect), water(indirect), chaos(indirect)

Vi (water arc): death(half), chaos

Zo (negativity arc): death, wind(indirect), water(indirect), chaos(indirect)

Zo (negativity arc): death(half), chaos

Sar (evil radius): death, wind(indirect), water(indirect)

Saying ” re(create), ko(wound), loa(storm)”

On average, noxious fog would begin at 18 damage at the center and last 14 turns.  This is enough to knock out a large room given the opportunity.

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