Character Thursday-Hallen Ettinbane (Werewolf Hunter)

Here’s a werewolf character. He’s level 5, but he counts as a level 6 for encounter level and such due to the addition of the werewolf template.

Backstory and Levels 1-5

Hallen Ettinbane was a decent hunter, part of a lord’s hunting party and a decent tracker. He was respected for his ability to find the way back even after wild chases. His unity with nature was well known. On one such hunt, when he had been invited to ride beside his lord at last, they were attacked by a werewolf. Hallen valiantly put himself between the beast and his lord and with the help of others slew the creature, but he was bitten in the effort.

He was taken back and healed, but when he began to have bouts of lycanthropy, he fled the area, unwilling to put others in danger. He began a solitary life in the woods he loved so much. He built there a small fort where he could keep himself from doing harm.

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Hallen’s Redoubt

Due to unique complications he faced trying to be a part of society, Hallen withdrew to the woods and built a small fort where he could defend himself and entertain guests of all sorts:HallensRedoubt1

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Ability Tuesday-Fortress of the Mind

Fortress of the Mind is a defensive psionic ability. A character can use it to defend himself against psionic attacks and spells that target the mind. This ability allows a character to use his magical energy to fortify his mind, whether against mental attack or the ravages of fatigue. Continue reading

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Monster Monday-Werewolf

WerewolfTarquin lurched through the night, clutching his bleeding side. He’d killed the beast, but not before it had taken a bite out of him. He was losing blood fast. There was howling in the distance, and he wondered if maybe there were more of them.

The wretched full moon was rising again. He could feel his skin tingling and the hair raised on the back of his neck. He whirled, sword in hand, but there was nothing. Suddenly, the pain began. He dropped to a knee as the pain ripped through his hands.

Claws? The pain was suddenly in his face and chest. Continue reading

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Saturday Spell-Frostbite

Here’s a basic spell from Lyet Highfall’s arsenal for encharging his daggers for ice damage. To make it an encharge, we need an Order finger, since we have no words in Stealth Magic. To make the encharge have multiple charges instead of a single rolled burst, we need another order finger, as we would need for an encharge using words. That’s enough to spread the power over 4 charges with a 3 hour expiration time. With the remaining 12 DoP, we can add on 12 Zo arcs for 12*6 total ice damage split over 4 charges for 18 ice damage per charge. It costs 72 SP, getting a highly efficient 1 damage per spell point. It would take Lyet just over 4 seconds to cast.

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Character Thursday-Lyet Highfall (Dragon Slayer)

I’m planning a dragon hunt post in the near future, and I want to use this character, but my schedule just got really crazy with a final thesis run. Expect that in a week.

Backstory and Levels 1-20:

Lyet Highfall was made a ward of an order of monks at the age of six. He was taught in their ways and was respected for his potential as a warrior. He advanced rapidly in the order, but when the order was destroyed through the betrayal of some of their leaders, he escaped the carnage and vowed vengeance on those leaders. He turned his skill toward that end and had soon assassinated each of them. He then turned his efforts on the group that had bought their services. He found the evil order extended far further than he’d initially gleaned. They were backed by dragon worshippers. It was not long before his cause of vengeance became one of opposition to the greatest evil force on the continent. He found himself slaying dragons to defend the people.

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Fall of Otalin

The Fall of Otalin was once a place often visited for rituals and ceremonies by the local people. Now, the surrounding caves are claimed by a Black Dragon and his hoard.

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Ability Tuesday-Eidetic Memory

Each level in this minor ability behaves like a point of intelligence with respect to the maximum number of spell components a character can know, as well as the number of languages the character can know. It indicates a character with a vivid memory, but unlike intelligence does nothing to enhance cunning or mental power.

It is a useful alternative to Magical Scholasticism for characters that know more magic than they can remember at one time.

Would you get eidetic memory? Why? Comment below to let us know.

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Monster Monday-Black Dragon

BlackDragon“I don’t like this,” Perry murmured. “This cave is huge, the dragon could come from anywhere.”

“Keep your eyes peeled,” Argus ordered without looking at the halfling.

“But it’s getting darker,” he replied, looking up at an opening where the sun barely shone through.

Suddenly their was a cry behind them. Ryan! Whistling filled the cave and Perry felt a stab in his side as something thunked against his shield. Garret grunted as more whistling sounded in the darkness.

“I found the dragon!”

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Saturday Spell-Storm Bearer

“An invasion of hell?”


“What’s with the staves?”

“You’ll see!”

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