Saturday Spell-Frostbite

Here’s a basic spell from Lyet Highfall’s arsenal for encharging his daggers for ice damage. To make it an encharge, we need an Order finger, since we have no words in Stealth Magic. To make the encharge have multiple charges instead of a single rolled burst, we need another order finger, as we would need for an encharge using words. That’s enough to spread the power over 4 charges with a 3 hour expiration time. With the remaining 12 DoP, we can add on 12 Zo arcs for 12*6 total ice damage split over 4 charges for 18 ice damage per charge. It costs 72 SP, getting a highly efficient 1 damage per spell point. It would take Lyet just over 4 seconds to cast.

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Character Thursday-Lyet Highfall (Dragon Slayer)

I’m planning a dragon hunt post in the near future, and I want to use this character, but my schedule just got really crazy with a final thesis run. Expect that in a week.

Backstory and Levels 1-20:

Lyet Highfall was made a ward of an order of monks at the age of six. He was taught in their ways and was respected for his potential as a warrior. He advanced rapidly in the order, but when the order was destroyed through the betrayal of some of their leaders, he escaped the carnage and vowed vengeance on those leaders. He turned his skill toward that end and had soon assassinated each of them. He then turned his efforts on the group that had bought their services. He found the evil order extended far further than he’d initially gleaned. They were backed by dragon worshippers. It was not long before his cause of vengeance became one of opposition to the greatest evil force on the continent. He found himself slaying dragons to defend the people.

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Fall of Otalin

The Fall of Otalin was once a place often visited for rituals and ceremonies by the local people. Now, the surrounding caves are claimed by a Black Dragon and his hoard.

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Ability Tuesday-Eidetic Memory

Each level in this minor ability behaves like a point of intelligence with respect to the maximum number of spell components a character can know, as well as the number of languages the character can know. It indicates a character with a vivid memory, but unlike intelligence does nothing to enhance cunning or mental power.

It is a useful alternative to Magical Scholasticism for characters that know more magic than they can remember at one time.

Would you get eidetic memory? Why? Comment below to let us know.

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Monster Monday-Black Dragon

BlackDragon“I don’t like this,” Perry murmured. “This cave is huge, the dragon could come from anywhere.”

“Keep your eyes peeled,” Argus ordered without looking at the halfling.

“But it’s getting darker,” he replied, looking up at an opening where the sun barely shone through.

Suddenly their was a cry behind them. Ryan! Whistling filled the cave and Perry felt a stab in his side as something thunked against his shield. Garret grunted as more whistling sounded in the darkness.

“I found the dragon!”

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Saturday Spell-Storm Bearer

“An invasion of hell?”


“What’s with the staves?”

“You’ll see!”

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Anatomy of a Kill

Today I’m going to play out a short scenario where an assassin sneaks up on and kills a guard. My assassin will be Darren Freemont. My guard will be a level 1 human fighter with no levels in Perception, Leather Armor, and 15 Constitution. If the rules work properly, this should be an easy kill for Darren, with a very low probability of failure.AnatomyOfAKill Continue reading

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Character Thursday-Darren Freemont (Human Assassin)

Here’s a pretty basic assassin, I need him for tomorrow’s post on stealthy kills.

Backstory and Levels 1-7:

Darren grew up on the streets. With no means of feeding himself, and having seen the dangers of begging in his city, he turned to theft for food. He got very good at stealing food and money for himself, but he was not so satisfied. He was angry with the wealthy who scorned him as they passed, the constables who had beat him when he tried at first to beg, and the drunks who kicked him in his sleep. His hatred grew as he got older until one day a robbery turned wrong and he killed the shopkeeper who had caught him in his shop at night.

That night was his richest haul ever. He disappeared for a small time until the search for the shopkeeper’s killer died down, and when he returned to the streets he brought with him a small dagger. With it he began to kill the drunks who kicked him, taking all their coin. Those murders were easily enough ignored by the constables. However, when he killed a drunk nobleman, the constables opened an investigation. The assassin’s guild noticed as well. The default suspects of the constables, they had no choice. They abducted Darren and offered to pardon him and protect him from the constables only if he would work for them. He agreed.

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Fell Haunt

Thought now called Fell Haunt, this underground complex was once a center of pantheonic worship known as Veras, where dwarves hosted shrines to a dozen deities of all sorts, from Quudala to Bresinda. The place was also a fortress, proving a refuge in hard times for various groups over the centuries. But one group of refugees brought a powerful enemy, disrespectful of the gods of Trethal. They were dragon worshipers, and between their siege weapons and the dragon that accompanied them, Veras fell in ruins.FellHaunt

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Ability Tuesday-Mental Duel

This is the first psionic ability in the rotation. As a major ability, Mental Duel is expected to have a direct impact on combat and play a principle role in a character’s build.

Mental Duel allows a character or monster to engage a target in a contest of the minds, much like a grapple. Depending on the progress of the duel, one or both characters may find physical action is hindered as they struggle on. The ultimate goal in initiating such a duel is to take control of the target by gaining a strong upper hand. Continue reading

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