Monster Monday-Churner


“What is that hideous creature?” Malkus cried as they rounded the corner.

“I’ll get it, sir.” Tygus volunteered, signalling for Paris and Garret to follow.

“Be careful,” Malkus warned. He needn’t have, the creature fled, dropping onto a side and lumbering into a small tunnel it’s size nearby.

“No danger, sir. He’s returned to his burrow.”

“Wait! I hear it above us. It’s fast!”

They all turned to see the creature bursting from another burrow, leaping into their ranks, spinning in a furious whirlwind of claws.

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Saturday Enchantment-The King’s Pavilion

KingsPavilion“What are goblins doing with a pavilion like that?”

“How do they keep it white?”

“It doesn’t matter. There were six goblins, nothing we can’t handle. But to be safe, bring up the archers and get outrunners in the woods around them. I don’t want any getting away. Fill it with twenty volleys before approaching.”

“Yes, sir. Merrick, lead the outrunners.”

If you don’t know the Mind Weave enchanting rules, this resource will help you keep up: Enchanter’s Almanack.

This particular idea came up when one of my players, playing an enchanter, became worried that I would begin to counter them with their own tactics, namely encharged arrows like the Ice Snap Arrow. He began considering a point defense system, but I think he gave up too quickly (maybe he wanted a smaller enchant or just a spell, or maybe a longer range). I present…

The King’s Pavilion

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Mind Weave Class-Illusionist

For a list of other classes visit the Mind Weave class system description.


Tier: Second

Origins: Magic-user

Advancement: Enchanter

Races: Humans, Gnomes, Merfolk

Minimum Attributes:

Strength: 10 Constitution: 6 Dexterity: 18

Wisdom: 20 Intelligence: 26 Charisma: 10

A second tier advancement of the magic-user class. The illusionist retains the skills learned as a magic-user adept, but focuses his further learning on illusory casting. His spells are able to influence the mind of the enemy and can often be cast nearly instantly using swift magic in order to bring about an instant reaction in eminent opponents. It is a highly specialized class and generally harks back on magic-user experience.

CreateFacsimileIllusionists arrive at their specialized form of casting for different reasons.  Some to hide their shady dealings, others to make more grandiose their displays of magic.  There are many reasons to want to be able to mask reality, to affect the minds of others, and to simulate life.  Whatever the reason, it is the nature of the illusionist to hide, to enhance, and to change.

Initial Abilities: Illusory Casting +1, Facade +1, Swift Magic+1(Required to take: Fingers(light, dark), Syllables(re, siu, liu))Sensory Extension

Initial Skills: None.

Potential Abilities: Arcane Knowledge, Create Facsimile, Disguise, Eidetic Memory, Enchant Transient, Fast Hands, Haggle, Lie, Magical Scholasticism, Sense Magic, Sensory Extension, Throw Voice, Understand Artifact.

Associated Skills: Perception.

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Character Thursday-The Governing Bodies of the Mhyrin Empire

The Mhyrin Empire on the Ragged Coast is ruled on an imperial level by three main governing bodies: The High Emperor, the Aristocratic Court, and the Magicratic Court. All three have their meeting and audience chambers in the powerful Mhyrin Tower, though only the High Emperor lives there. There are ways to earn a place in the two courts, so they are an eclectic mix.

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World Building Wednesday-Mhyrinport

Mhyrinport is by far the largest city on the Ragged Coast and the capital of the Mhyrin Empire. Its 15,000 souls consume most of the food production of the entire Ragged Coast, over 160 square miles of farm land. It is the home to the High Emperor, as well as the Aristocratic and Magicratic Courts, the three primary governing bodies of the Mhyrin Empire. With the only deep water port on the Ragged Coast, it is a center for ship building and the home of the powerful Mhyrin fleet as well as a trade capital for the frontier territories.

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World Building Wednesday-The Ragged Coast

Stepping away from Trethal for a bit, a setting that I’ve created for my new-to-tabletop group. In our last session they destroyed the cult of the Sleeping God in Taliton, in the process killing about a fourth of the population. They decided to skip town without asking for their reward from the mayor, and indicated they wanted to head to a large city where they could spend their loot on magical stuff and (out of character) begin a mystery focused story line. Mhyrinport and the farmland along the Ragged Coast needed to sustain it were the answer.

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Ability Tuesday-Body Shield

Body Shield is an ability for the tanky character in the party who really wants to be a meat shield for other party members. As a defensive action, a character with Body Shield can leap between an ally and an attack, whether melee, thrown, projectile, or spell. For a character with high constitution, it is certainly worth taking a heavy hit to keep the mage or the healer in the fight. The question for a player building that character, is whether it is worth getting the minor ability to be prepared for that scenario.

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Monster Monday-Ring Wyrm

RingWyrm“I’m pretty sure it’s a ring of Fire Gout,” Filn said. “It can’t be too powerful, but we’d have to use it to see.”

“Alright then,” Micheal said, putting it on. He faced the nearby wooden door and punched out his fist. The bronze dragon figure on the ring opened its mouth and fire burst forth, consuming the door in a rush of ash.

“Damn, it’ll be a while before we can do that again. Did it take any of your energy?”

“No, I’ll just keep trying it.” He punched his fist out again and a small spark of flame was emitted.

“Great, we may never see a flame like that first one,” Filn lamented. He still had no idea what he was dealing with.

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Saturday Spell-Silent Cold Snap Arrow

ColdSnap“Quiet night,” Hruk murmured. The animals had stopped their night sounds to the South.

“Probably just an undead raid,” Murka grunted, continuing his whittling. He didn’t like the undead much, but they made good fodder.

The whistle of an arrow was cut off by total silence as he was blasted by a burst of cold from behind. Continue reading

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Mind Weave Class-Necromancer

For a list of other classes visit the Mind Weave class system description.


Tier: Second

Origins: Cleric, Magic-user

Advancement: Lich.

Race: Humans, Lizardfolk, Goblins, Drow

Minimum Attributes:

Strength: 8 Constitution: 12 Dexterity: 16

Wisdom: 20 Intelligence: 26 Charisma: 8

The necromancer is the darkest of classes. Almost necessarily evil, this second tier branch of magic use typically takes on the worship of a deity of death in order to help in their work among the dead. Alternatively, a cleric could take this path, gaining magical ability and leaving combat by the wayside. Necromancers retain their magic-user abilities, but are not generally suited for direct combat, rather wielding a force of undead in battle. The necromancer class is automatically a fanatic of his deity and so can gain god-granted abilities and skills as normal abilities and skills.

SoulDrainThe decision to become a necromancer is not made lightly.  Whether in a moment of rage or in a time of derangement and desperation, emotion can drive a mage or a cleric to seek out the god of death.  They may acude to death to destroy their foes, to preserve their loved ones, or to empower them to create a better world.  Whether their origin is in magic or religion, they will be devout to their god of death, for a while, if their despair is not too much.

Initial Abilities: Animate Dead +1, Stealth Magic +1(Required to take: Fingers(death), Arms(Sar2, Zo2)), Prayer +1.

Initial Skills: None.

Potential Abilities: Arcane Knowledge, Call Undead, Command Undead, Release Undead, Sense Alignment, Sense Death, Sense Magic, Soul Drain, Summon Devil/Demon.

Associated Skills: None.

Lizardman Necromancer supports his undead against 4 heroes.

Lizardman Necromancer supports his undead against 4 heroes.

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