The Justinian

West of the Hall of Illumination and at the base of the mountains is another ancient place of worship. Over time, followers of different deities have occupied the area, but most of the fortress was built by followers of Lyseana on top of the original dwarven chambers. The fortress was named in her honor: The Justinian.
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Ability Tuesday-Riding

halflingfighterGoing mounted is a much faster way to travel than the alternative of walking, especially when winged and other fantasy mounts are available. Anyone can ride a well-trained horse or similarly docile mount, but more wild or powerful mounts may require greater riding skill to control. A better rider will be able to ride more quickly than novice riders in general.

Better riders also fare better in adverse riding conditions and can fight from horseback more proficiently and with less likelihood of being unhorsed. Each level in Riding improves the characters chances of maintaining balance in the saddle from turn to turn and of staying in the saddle even when unbalanced.

Would you play a riding character? Let us know in the comments below! The full mounted rules coming this Friday.

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Monster Monday-Nightmare

NightmareLegend tells of a night-black horse

With a mane that burned like fire.

Flames broil in its nostrils and eyes 

As on burning hooves it flies.

Fear was its bedside nurse

And Hatred its cruel sire,

But rampant as its mother, Malice fell,

It rides the planes of hell.

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Saturday Spell-A Curse of Fire

CurseOfFire“Tom!” Erik was approaching. Erik! He was huge and patted everyone’s backs too hard. 

“Erik, no, please don’t—”

“How you doing, T—”

Thoom! Fire burst forth from Tom, burning them both.

“Crossed old hag Annie, eh,” Erik coughed.

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Table: Poor Quarter/Slum Encounters

With my players in Mhyrinport, I’ve built up some tables for the Poor Quarter areas to choose encounters and other hooks. They’ve already worked once. Rolling a mugging in the area caused the party to lose track of their caravan and finally end up on their own in the city. There are other hooks built into these tables, if things happen right:

Day Time

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Character Thursday-Gnome Policeman Progression

Today I’m going to try something new. Rather than build a specific character this week with backstory and all, I’m going to define a template for NPCs across various levels. This week, the template is for a law enforcement officer, or policeman, basically a fighter with a focus on crowd control. These are what the gnome policemen are like in Mhyrinport.

Level 1/Initiationgnomes1

Class: Fighter Race: Gnome

60 Point Buy (+6 Gnome Bonuses):

15 STR, 17 CON, 12 DEX, 6 WIS, 10 INT, 6 CHA

Skills: Weapon Skill I

Abilities: Sense Alignment I (backstory)

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Hall of Illumination

The Hall of Illumination is a small mountain temple to Bresinda in the North of the Erk Mounts. Though the edges of the Erk Mounts are riddled with monasteries and temples, the Hall of Illumination is little visited. Bresinda is viewed by the humans and dwarves that inhabit the area as a flighty and weak deity, and the High Elves that worship her have altars and temples nearer their home. Living memory does not know its origin.

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Richard’s Confounding Wall

RichardsWallIn the caves underneath the Hall of Illumination, this puzzle guards a hint as to the location of Richard’s treasure hoard. It’s internal workings are magical in nature and so the secret can only be destroyed by dismantling it, it must be solved to learn the secret.

The Arcane Circle

The Arcane Circle

This video demonstrates the puzzle in motion, but I’m not giving the solution yet, you’re going to have to try to solve it yourself. You can download the whole zip file here (Or here, if Google Drive is giving you trouble). It might help you to know the Arcane Circle as well.

Good luck, and comment below with your thoughts and whether or not you could get it. Trust me, you’ll know when you’re done.

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Divine Artifact-Sun Orb


The glowing sphere hovered toward Ryhek as the goddess spoke.

“My child, you need never work in darkness. Let my light accompany you on your journey.”

He reached toward it and it stopped, floating before him. It bobbed down after him as he knelt. “Thank you, m’lady.”

Sun Orb

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Bresinda-Daughter of the Sun

Bresinda-Daughter of the Sun (Deity)

She adores light and joy, but especially beauty. She is horrified by the ugly and cruel. She is joyful and careless.

While possessing great powers, Bresinda is somewhat weak of personality. The other good gods seek to support her for her great potential for light. Her worshipers are few, though groups of High Elves serve her with the ideal that she will be key to the battle against evil. She sees all on which rest the rays of the sun.

Alignment: Neutral Good (-2, 9)

Worshipers: High Elves, Satyrs, Centaurs, and Plant Druids

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