Korgaran’s Megadungeon-The Interdungeon (The Sphere)

Immediately through the Hall of Altars, and at the heart of Korgaran’s Succession, is the Sphere. The Sphere is, for all intents and purposes, Korgaran‘s ritual ground within the dungeon. Its primary purpose is to provide a buffer between the ritual grounds, whose worshipers are largely hostile toward each other. As in the building of the Rotating Labyrinth, Korgaran created this buffer in his eccentric fashion. The Sphere, filled with winding tunnels and stairs, rotates sporadically. Giant metal bearings around the outside allow it to turn with little friction as the weight at the center shifts.

Cyan-Ladder, Green-Door, Red-Secret Door

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Ability Tuesday-Soften Fall

NekolynFallingThe orcs thought they had him trapped. And why not? With nothing but a sheer drop behind him, anyone would suppose Ryex to be out of options. But Ryex had led the orcs here on purpose. It was time to ditch them for good. He jumped.

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Monster Monday-Adamantite Dragon


Ikrik Baldskull knew he was getting close. His detect magic spells were showing a brighter and brighter aura down in these caves. It had all the right components, light, Ra, Des, order, ‘ru,’ ‘siu.’ The Helm of Courage was down here. Somewhere in this cavern.

But it wasn’t the only thing in the cavern. Something big, bulky, breathing. Of course, a dragon would have hoarded it. Rumor was Gydrik Hardsole had been slain by a dragon. Well, Ikrik would slay the dragon, take the helm, along with the whatever else of value was in the treasure.

He began casting, ‘on ki jai,’ passing through the Ful arc several times, adding fire and wind fingers as he went. He needed enough to burn through a dragon’s hide, and he had all the time in the world. A little chaos to cover more area, just for good measure.

He finished the spell through the Ku radius and a blaze of fire brighter than he’d ever seen lit up on the dragon’s side. He expected the dragon to cry out, but instead he heard himself screaming. Fire had wrapped around his legs. It engulfed the dragon as it woke, groggy and calm.
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Monster Monday-Lightning Slug


“This seems a good enough place to rest the night,” Malachi said, dropping his pack. “My magic is spent for the day.”

“Agreed,” Garrik said. “I’ll take first watch.”

“What’s that there?” Claire asked, pointing toward a dark lump on the dungeon wall. “A giant slug? There are several.”

“Best kill them now, so we can sleep in peace.” Garrik moved up and stabbed the nearest. The slug lit up briefly and Garrik cried out, dropping his sword. Lightning crackled to life on the other slugs and they closed as Claire swung her sling.

Lightning Slug
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Saturday Spell-Betray the Hidden

BetrayTheHidden“Do you really have to cast that spell into every dark corner?”

“What do you care, Ryan? It’s not giving us away, and I have more power to spare than flesh, unlike you. It only takes a second.”

“And you really think assassins are looking for you here?”

“Yes, I don’t take chances. One moment, re ba.”

Derrick extended both hands with the familiar fingers ready. To their surprise, the corner lit up with the glowing skin of a halfling, katar in hand. More surprised than they was the halfling. He hardly responded as Ryan drew sword and bore down on him.

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Dungeon Mastery-Romps

Several months ago at a conference, Robert Defendi, maker of Echoes of Heaven, introduced me to the idea of “romps” in table top RPG modules and games. I’m not sure if this is a new idea, but it was new to me and a recent experience made me decide it was definitely worth sharing.

The concept of a romp is to give the players a scenario, usually an encounter, where they can win pretty easily and feel awesome doing it. This has a number of positive effects when used properly and is really important to the pacing of the game or module. Continue reading

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Magic Video Series 10: Detect Metal

Alright, recording from some trees on the back side of Y Mountain, a spell for finding an ironclad ally, or foe, by detecting metal. At the time, I thought I might be on the wrong path, I was also very tired.

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Character Thursday-Mirindik Korgaranik (Gnome Archaeologist)

Here’s an NPC that could end up playing a role as guide in the Hall of Altars and beyond, though he is fragile enough to become a burden to keep alive, whether that means defending him or resurrecting him. I bet he charges extra for having to endure painful death.


Mirindik Korgaranik, born into a long line of servants of Korgaran, was raised knowing his place in the world. As a 6th child, his eldest siblings were already acolytes in Korgaran’s Temple at the time of his birth. He grew up idolizing them, but his family had already done their duty to the temple. One of his sisters became a merchant, two brothers focused on farming. Mirindik dedicated himself to the study of the temple and the surrounding regions. He made trips to the ruins of Calldinkel and into Korgaran’s Succession, learning all he could about Korgaran’s ancient throne in Trethal. He subsisted by selling trinkets and magical items found in his exploration to his sister when she was in town. Now, the temple priests respect his knowledge of the architecture and history of the area, often consulting him and hiring his service to visit important Korgaranic sites within Mount Call.
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Korgaran’s Megadungeon-The Antedungeon (Hall of Altars)

This is the first of 7 dungeon segments that I will post over the next 7 weeks as part of Korgaran’s Megadungeon, built into the side of Mount Call above Tripik at the height of his power. Korgaran’s Succession, as the massive complex has come to be called, was built as part of a deal he worked with some of the mightier deities at the time, considered to rule the four elements: Glaineth, Omalin, Grethgan, and Quudala. He brokered the manipulative deal with the help of Mythalis (a young god), presumably as part of a bid to rule the gods, given his power in Trethal at the time. This bid seems to have failed, and in the aftermath Mythalis rose as the god of choice for diplomacy related matters, a position Korgaran had previously held.Antedungeon Continue reading

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Ability Tuesday-Create Facsimile

CreateFacsimile“Master, your lunch.”

Elrick turned from his carving. The time had flown, and it was shaping up nicely, not the like the abomination standing him before him. “Thanks, First Try.”

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